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Biodynamic Hydrosols

Chamomile Biodynamic Hydrosol – Roman

100ml ~ (Chamaemelum Nobile) – One of the best all-purpose hydrosols along with lavender and lemon balm; best for baby care in bath water and soothing mist; useful aid in stress reduction, depression, relaxation, insomnia, aggravation; use in bedtime bath to relax; calms rashes, rosacea, acne, heat rash, redness

White Sage Biodynamic Hydrosol

100ml ~ Purifies and cleanses your energetic field. Ideal for energetic space clearing. Helpful when one desires to feel connected to a spiritual force in the world.

Thyme Biodynamic Hydrosol

100ml ~ (Thymus Vulgaris) – Anti bacterial, mildly antiviral, antifungal and antiseptic; good choice for fungal infections of all types; foot fungus will benefit from regular soaks; use on infected cuts, scrapes and wounds; helps teenage acne with undiluted daily application.

Sweet Grass Biodynamic Hydrosol

100ml ~ Blesses the environment with a sweet fresh energy. Provides an octave of joy for the human being

Rosemary Biodynamic Hydrosol

100ml ~ Rosemarinus officinalis – Energizing and stimulating for the mental and physical bodies; promotes mental clarity and memory capacity; powerful antoxidant; great toner for skin and hair; uniquely enlivening spray for culinary dishes

Rose Geranium Biodynamic Hydrosol

100ml ~ Rose and Attar of roses – Balances and recalibrates the mind, body and spirit; use as a toner to balance the skin; a humectant attracting moisture to and holding it in the skin; very cooling for sunburns, rash, insect bites; balancing to the emotions and endocrine system; brings warmth and movement into the heart […]

Redwood Biodynamic Hydrosol

100ml ~ Grounding, soothing; provides comfort in stressful times; brings one in harmony with the rhythm of life; helps to remember ancient wisdom.

Oregano Biodynamic Hydrosol

100ml ~ Origanum vulgare Mild antiseptic and antfungal properties.

Lemon Verbena Biodynamic Hydrosol

100ml ~ (Lippia citriodora) – Refreshes the mind and uplifts the spirit; feelings of elation; good for stress and anxiety; rejuvenates the skin

Lemon Balm (Melissa) Biodynamic Hydrosol

100ml ~ (Melissa officinalis) – Calming; use for stress and anxiety and childhood hysterics; antioxidant and anti- inflammatory; use as skin clarifier, calms rashes irritations and eczema; due to antiviral properties try topically on herpes sores 6 -10 times a day at onset  

Lavender Biodynamic Hydrosol

100ml ~ (Grosso) Soothes, calms and relaxes; use two to three tablespoons in bath for a restful sleep; use as a toner for all skin types to balance, calm and rejuvenate; relieving, cooling and hydrating for burns and redness, helps facilitate an even and joyful temper; can ease anger and lift up sadness

Helichrysum Biodynamic Hydrosol

100ml ~ (Helichrysum italicum/Immortelle) – Both an antihematoma and an anti inflammatory.  A must for aftercare for any surgery for speeding the healing of incisions and needle wounds, reducing swelling and bruising; good for bruises both physical and emotional  

Fir Biodynamic Hydrosol

100ml ~ Antiseptic and disinfectant; expectorant; cleansing; mouth wash;  soothes itch and heat; supports kidney function, can add to tea

Clary Sage Biodynamic Hydrosol

100ml ~ (Salvia sclarea) – The “woman’s choice”; use for hormone related cramps, bloating and water retention, moodiness and other PMS symptoms; astringent and toning for oily skin; mildly antispasmodic and anti-inflammatory; a euphoriant and antidepressant; profoundly energetic, use it in energetic healing modalities especially for emotional traumas and heartache  

Cypress Biodynamic Hydrosol

100ml ~ (Cupressus sempervirens) – Very diuretic; use for water retention in tissue and joints; important for cleansing and detoxing the system; increases excretion of urine; stimulating to liver and kidneys; moderately astringent and styptic, it has a tightening effect on tissue; improves circulation; try on varicose veins or diluted in a sitz bath for […]

Cedar Biodynamic Hydrosol

100ml ~ Cleansing, strengthening, rejuvenating, comforting and warming; good for hair care for people and animals fur;  Helps repel fleas; good for cracked skin, peeling and sweaty feet, allergic rashes, cold sores and inflamed acne

Chinese Mugwort Biodynamic Hydrosol

100ml ~ Facilitates safe, lucid dreaming, mist pillow and sheets before bedtime; clears space for ceremony and meditation; circulatory stimulant promotes physical strength when applied before a long or arduous task; facilitates cleansing of the blood, detoxing the liver, and improves overall digestion; useful for respiratory issues especially related to allergies; balancing for reproductive system

Chamomile Biodynamic Hydrosol – German

100ml ~ (Matricaria recutita) – A major anti-inflammatory on all types of tissue; good for skin conditions with redness, rashes, burns, blisters; compress on hemorrhoids; cleanser for sensitive, inflamed skin as it is mildly antibacterial and antiseptic; powerfully calming and emotionally comforting

California Poppy Biodynamic Hydrosol

100ml ~  Whole plant distillation; gentle pain reliever for the physical and emotional body; carries the radiant heights of summer and the majesty of the sunlight; helps expand one’s vision to include the auric fields of flowers, plants, trees, animals, human beings and other nature beings; helps to create a sacred space within the heart […]

Burdock Biodynamic Hydrosol

100ml ~ Assists in the process of absorption of minerals and clearing out old emotions. Strengthens the body’s ability to process and eliminate toxins

Lavender Angustofolia Biodynamic Hydrosol

100ml ~ (Lavandula Angustifolia) – Soothes, calms and relaxes. Use two to three tablespoons in bath for a restful sleep. Spray on all skin types to balance, calm and rejuvenate. Use as a toner. Relieving and hydrating for sunburns and rashes. Good for creating an even and joyful temper. Can ease anger and lift up sadness.

Advent Spiral Biodynamic Hydrosol

100ml ~ Blend of Fir, Cypress, Redwood, Pine, Juniper, Rosemary gathered from the ceremonial space of the Advent Spiral  where many families walk the Spiral at winter solstice time into the darkness, with courage, receiving light for their candle in the center and then taking the light they receive in to the world. We celebrate […]