One of the many biodynamic preparations we offer to the land here at Sophia’s Garden.

On New Year’s Eve we grind, by hand, gold, frankincense and myrrh. This reflects the gifts brought by the 3 Wise Men as an offering to the Christ Child. It also is rooted in esoteric teachings. These 3 sacred substances, suitably prepared, serve also as sacrificial gifts and as symbols for the recognition of the working of spiritual beings in the earthly sphere. According to Rudolf Steiner:

Gold is a symbol of exoteric wisdom-filled power and the wisdom of the past.

Frankincense a symbol of the World Ether weaving around us as a ‘gesture’ or intention of sacrifice, and in which the Spirit is living. Also symbolizing the transience of the present.

Myrrh is a symbol of the victory of life over death. Also of the forces of the present pointing into the future.

Then on January 6 (3 Kings Day) we stir this preparation in water and walk the perimeter of the land, spraying it outwards, creating a ‘magic circle’ so to speak. We walk with hearts full of love and light, acknowledging our responsibility to stewarding the earth, making a commitment to the beings of this place and giving them this “spiritual sustenance” to create magic and wonder in this place.

Also to be noted, Hugo Erbe, a contemporary of Steiner and designer of this preparation, speaks of the significance of water in this process. “In the context of human evolution, the time when it was spiritually appropriate to make burnt offerings must be held to belong to the past. Appropriate for our present time, and therefore effective, are offerings made with water. This is the reason why a water-based form for the sacrificial substances belonging to The Three Kings Preparation had to be found.”

We welcome any questions or insights you may have. We are all learning together on this journey.


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